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Mid-Q2 2023:
  • Concept development for Zi-Network
  • Implementing PoSAD consensus mechanism
  • Initial security audits
Mid Q4 2023:
  • Development of Z-Swap 2.0 platform
  • Integration of cross-chain communication features
  • Launch of the testnet
Mid Q1 2024:
  • Further security audits and improvements
  • Implementation of advanced developer tooling
  • Deployment of the Zi-Network mainnet
Mid Q2 2024:
  • Development and deployment of Zi-Network governance model
  • Expansion of the DeFi ecosystem
  • Marketing initiatives and community-building efforts
Mid-Q3 2024:
  • Advanced research on Zi-Network features
  • SubQuery Builders/Grants Program
  • SQT Network contract internal MVP
Mid Q4 2024:
  • App Beta Test
  • Public testnet launch
  • Zi-Network Explorer and dApp
  • Point-in-time indexing
Mid Q1 2025:
  • Token Test
  • SQT token generation event
  • Public incentivized testnet launch
  • Data traffic insights and reporting
Mid Q1 2025:
  • Alpha Test
  • Launch of the Zi-Network Foundation
  • Finalize research for other Layer-1 chains
  • Liquidity mining program
Mid-Q2 2025:
  • Benefits
  • Mainnet launch
  • Centralized exchange launch
  • Public incentivized testnet
Mid Q3 2025:
  • Operational
  • Zi-Network launches its own Parthian
  • Zi-Network Foundation
Zi Network's roadmap outlines the planned milestones and developments in the project. By focusing on the core features and utility of the blockchain platform, Zi Network aims to grow into a reliable, secure, and scalable blockchain solution for users and developers.