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Transaction Per Second - TPS

The efficiency and usability of a blockchain network are largely dictated by its performance, one key measure of which is Transactions Per Second (TPS). This refers to the maximum number of transactions a network can handle within a second.
In the case of Zi-Network, our network is designed and optimized to handle large volumes of transactions in an efficient and effective manner. Our cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure, built around the innovative PoSAD consensus mechanism, offers remarkable scalability and transaction speed that surpasses traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake (PoS) systems.
We're proud to announce that Zi-Network, based on our current estimates and rigorous stress testing, can achieve a phenomenal TPS of 60,000. This high TPS, far exceeding many existing blockchain networks, signifies our commitment to providing users with an efficient, fast-paced transaction experience.
This unprecedented performance positions Zi-Network at the forefront of blockchain technology, making it ideal for applications demanding high-speed, secure, and reliable transactions. But our focus doesn't end with speed. We ensure that our exceptional performance is well-balanced with security, transparency, and decentralization, attributes that form the core of our network's design.
Despite our impressive TPS, our quest for excellence doesn't stop here. We continually strive for further enhancements through ongoing research and development, aiming to consistently provide our community with an ever-more robust, efficient, and user-friendly blockchain environment. The future of blockchain starts here with Zi-Network.